About us

CET-J is a group of European judges in the field of trademark law. It actually consists of participants from 17 Countries and two representatives of the General Court.

CET-J aims to provide its participants with a broad exchange of views, solutions and items of European trademark law and actual questions of daily trademark court business.

CET-J meetings have been held in 2011 and 2013 at Villa Vigoni, Lake Como (Italy), 2014 at Supreme Court, Bellinzona (Switzerland), 2015 at the European University Institute, Florence (Italy), 2016 at the European Academy of Law, Trier (Germany) and 2017 at the University of Leiden (Netherlands).

The last CET-J meeting took place from 27. to 29. September 2018 at the Palace of Justice, Vienna (Austria).

The next meeting of the CET-J will take place in Lisboa (Portugal).

Patronage under the European Law Academy (ERA)